About Me

I believe that technology and software are crucial in improving individuals' and businesses' lives. As a self taught Software Developer, I am always looking to find ways to solve a specific problem, and on the hunt for ways to challenge and expand my skillset.

While I am skilled in different technology stacks (feel free to inspect this websitešŸ˜‰), as a daily user of Apple products, I am passionate about building projects and apps that I can develop natively for the devices I use the most. This is why I have chosen to develop mobile applications using Apple's own Swift programming language and SwiftUI framework. Keep scrolling, and find some of my latest projects below!

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Latest Projects


NITS Briefing App

My CS50 Final Project: This app helps Cabin Crew and Flight Deck communicate better in case of an emergency in flight. Something that is still being done on pen and paper. Yikes! Check out my YouTube video explaining the app!


Africa App

This app about the second largest continent shows and features different african animal species. It decodes json files related to different species, their details, map locations, images, etc. This project was made with a tutorial, which taught me so much more about SwiftUI


KanyeREST app

This simple but fun SwiftUI iPhone App uses the Kanye Rest API ( and displays new random Kanye West Quotes at the tap of a refresh button


BitExchange app

This app uses a wheel picker to choose from a variety of different currencies to be converted to the current Bitcoin rate, using SwiftUI, the API and the Combine Framework.

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